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My Lil Gnomie is a collection of 5,555 NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Gnomie is unique and randomly generated from over 200 awesome traits. Some will be rarer than others but they all bring an equal amount of protection and prosperity to their owners. We actively strive to integrate feedback from our holders, we're always looking to exceed our community's expectations.



So Cal local. Loves creating. Always looking for the next Gnomie adventure.



San Diego based project lead and founder of carrot cake labs. Gnome enthusiast.

Community manager

Born and raised in california. Helps strengthen our gnomunity through social media.

Community Builder

O.C. native and discord wizard. Making sure all new gnomies feel at home.

Development Partner

DeFi connoisseur and lead dev of some well known projects. Colorado based.

Development Partner

Web3 builder residing in Atlanta. Master strategist and blockchain guru.


The Specs

The Gnomies are stored as tokens on a ERC-721A contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. All the art and metadata is hosted on IPFS.

Free mint?

Yep, that's right! Your Lil Gnomie can be minted for free! Public mint starts September 13. 3 token max per wallet.

MLG Genesis Benefits

MLG Genesis holders will be automatically whitelisted for our free mint and will be allowed 10 tokens per wallet. Genesis holders will also be rewarded with 1 Cake Pass per Genesis Gnomie. (More details on The Cake Pass to come)

Why join the Gnomie Community?

Your gnomie isn't just meant to be an awesome pfp, here's some other perks you get for being a holder:
-Access to future giveaways
-Entrance into the Carrot Cake Labs ecosystem
-Full IP rights to your NFTs associated image
-For a more detailed report of My Lil Gnomie, view our Whitepaper here.
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